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Ultimate Guide to Golf Hat Styles

If you're an avid golfer like the other 24 million Americans, then you probably spend a lot of time on the green under the hot sun. In addition to wearing appropriate clothing for coverage and sunscreen for protection, you may be considering purchasing a golf hat.

Some people may think of it as just a hat, but it's so much more than that. The type you pick says a lot about your personality and approach to the sport.

Let's discuss a few golf hat styles so you can get a good feel for them.

Regular Ball Cap

Don't care much for fashion and just want something practical? Then a regular ball cap can be ideal for you.

These fit snugly over your head and will block the sun from your eyes when you make those crucial swings. This is a classic look that's reminiscent of some golf pros like Tiger Woods.

These come in plain colors so you don't have to think too much on which one to buy. Go with black, dark blue, or white if you want your ball cap to match with any of your golfing outfits.

When people see you on the green with a cap on, they'll know you're all business. You're there to emulates the pros.


If for some reason, you want to keep the top of your head exposed, you may want to consider a visor instead of a cap. They both serve the same function, although a visor may be slightly better at keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your face.

The visor has more of a geriatric association with it, so if you're not quite so young, wearing a visor can make you seem beyond your years. However, if you're still a young adult, you can make a fashion statement by making visors cool again.

Like the regular cap, visors mainly come in solid colors. You won't have to deliberate too much on which hues to get since your choices will be somewhat limited.


If you're someone who likes to dress casual for golfing, then a beanie can be suitable. It'll definitely be something weather-appropriate in the winter when you're just golfing on your own or with some friends.

But if you want to wear this in the summer, it'll certainly draw some attention. If you're someone who's bold and doesn't care what people think, a beanie can be a great way to signify your streak of rebelliousness.

While beanies are better suited for the younger golfing crowd, some older people can pull this look off. If you don't care about what people think and want your head to stay nice and warm, go ahead and choose the beanie.

While beanies can come in different solid colors, patterns are popular too. Really put yourself out there by choosing a pattern that's bright and colorful.

Bucket Hat

These are hats that are usually associated with fishermen, but they can be used for golfing as well. These hats cover the entirety of your head and have a wide brim that goes all around. If you want to change up your looks, you can even fold the brim up so it looks more like what fishermen wore.

The bucket hat is good for people who want more comprehensive coverage from the sun. When people on the golf course see you wearing one, they'll know you take UV protection seriously.

As with the other types of hats, you'll mostly find bucket hats in solid colors. However, some name brands like Tommy Hilfiger have put vibrant prints on some of their bucket hats. So if you'd like to stand out while golfing, pick an interesting print.

Straw Hat

For those of you who have been golfing since the 1980s, you may remember a pro named Greg Norman. His signature look was the straw hat, which had a bit of a Western vibe to it.

If you want something similar, try a straw hat. While you can get ones that look like his, you can also go for a more Cuban look.

Whatever you choose, a straw hat will give you a classy look. Most have a wide brim, which means you'll get good protection from the sun like with a bucket hat.

Ben Hogan Cap

If you like retro looks, you'll have to get a Ben Hogan cap. Whether you're in your 50s or are a young golfer who loves all things vintage, this cap will make you look elegant whenever you're golfing.

While this style cap's become popular with the hipster crowd (many of which don't even golf), you can pay homage to one of the best golfers in history by wearing the cap that's named after him.


The fedora has become somewhat of a joke hat in many online communities, but that doesn't mean you should shy away from it. At its core, it does have a nice look to it, and so long as you don't choose anything obnoxious looking, it can be a nice touch to your golf outfit.

Just make sure you don't come off as insufferable while golfing with your friends. If you do, then they'll immediately go in for the kill and make fun of your fedora.

Try Some Different Golf Hat Styles

Feel like you've learned quite a bit about different golf hat styles? Then it's time for you to go purchase the type you feel best represents you. Not only will it shield you from the sun, but it'll also add to your overall look and emanate the look you want to have.

Ready to show off your new golf hat on the green? Then book a tee time with us now.