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Why Golf Courses Are the Best Wedding Venues

Most couples get married between the months of May and October, with September taking the cake. People pick these months for obvious reasons regarding the weather.

But, where to get married can bring on a little confusion. You can choose from endless wedding venues with numerous perks.

But, only a golf course offers a hole-in-one! Keep reading to learn why you should plan your big day at the golf course!

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5 Top Tips for Hosting a Golf Course Wedding

golf course wedding

The average bride has spent hours of her life dreaming of her wedding day. In reality, she's also spent between 200 and 300 hours doing all of the actual planning. 

Between finding the perfect dress, organizing the invitations, choosing a photographer and flowers, there's a lot of decisions to make in a short amount of time. One of the biggest decisions most couples make, well after choosing each other, is where to host their special day. 

There's a host of reasons many are opting for a golf course wedding day. Between amenities and beautiful grounds, the golf course environment is perfect for a wedding. 

Read on for these 5 tips to keep in mind when preparing to celebrate getting married on a golf course. 

1. Choose a Golf Course That Specializes in Weddings

There are 9,635 golf courses in the US. While they might all do golf, they don't all do weddings. Or at least don't do weddings well. You want to choose a golf course that not only hosts golfers but is also well versed in hosting wedding events.

You don't want to choose a wedding venue where they don't understand the intricacies of wedding planning and hosting. It's too important of a day to leave it to someone who isn't an expert. 

2. Embrace That You're at a Golf Course

While you don't want the course to treat you like your golfers, why not embrace that you're at a golf course. For example, why not ride away in a golf cart and a just married sign. Why not choose to host a cocktail hour outside with views of the course in the background. 

3. Plan Your Photography for Venue

Speaking of beautiful scenery, plan to take advantage of it through your photographs. You're probably searching for just the right photographer. Ask them how they would handle outdoor shots. 

See if they can visit the course ahead of time to scout out some great locations for photographs before, during, and after the wedding. 

It might even be smart to ask the golf course if they know of photographers who have worked a wedding at their course before. That experience might make your photos extra special.

4. Consider Your Guests

Of course, you're thrilled with the golf course venue. Be sure to consider your guests' needs too. Will you be outside? Should you provide a covering for guests from the sun or elements?

Consider the distance guests will need to walk for the reception. Maybe you can even offer quick golf cart shuttle rides to the door. Won't Aunt Betty love a ride on the cart to be delivered right to the door?

5. Ask Others to Help

No matter where the wedding is held, the wedding day is go-time. Don't try to be a hero bride and handle things yourself. People close to you want to help to make this day as special as possible for you. 

Ask others for help. Give out specific tasks to your wedding party, so you can sit back and enjoy every moment of your day.

Make Beautiful Memories at Your Golf Course Wedding

Planning a golf course wedding doesn't have to be hard. In fact, golf course wedding venues can take a lot of the stress of planning off of the bride and groom's plate. 

If you're preparing to plan a wedding, let us help make the day one you'll never forget. Contact us today to get more details on getting married on a golf course. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Golf Course Wedding

Did you know that the average cost for a wedding is $30,000 in the United States?

Planning a wedding can get expensive, but depending on the venue, you can get a whole lot more for your money.

One of the most popular wedding venues is golf courses because they include so many services. 

Continue reading to discover the most important steps and tips for planning your golf course wedding! 

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7 Tips on Choosing Golf Clubs for Beginners

You’ve been thinking about it for a while but today’s the day that you’re going to start playing golf. Going to the sporting goods store to pick up your equipment is proving to be more stressful than you thought it would be.

From clubs to golf balls there’s so much stuff available to you. Choosing golf clubs is where many beginners make their first mistake. If you don’t pick up a set that will work with your skill level or don’t suit your body type, you’ll be setting yourself up to fail.

Don’t worry, we can help you make the right choice. Keep reading for a complete golf club buying guide.

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2020 Golf Handicap Calculation: How to Find Your Score

Defining a golf handicap is one of the keys to judging the level of skill and experience of a player when they are looking to play in a tournament or to judge their round against another player. The calculation of the golf handicap has been completed in the same way since 1911 in the U.S., but on January 1st, 2020 the introduction of the World Handicap System changed the way golf scores are judged. Instead of judging a player's ability based on any of the six different handicap scoring systems in the world, the World Handicap System is making a standardized way of judging scores.

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